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16. April 2020

hellozurich über Academic Gateway: ‘We’re streets ahead of other schools’

Online learning is not so different from traditional classroom teaching. Academic Gateway, one of Switzerland’s top private schools, demonstrates how it works. During the coronavirus pandemic, it is helping high school students from around 70 cantonal high schools. hellozurich talks to Alexandre Touihri, chair of the Academic Gateway board.

Academic Gateway has been using cutting-edge teaching methods since 2016. What does that mean in practical terms?

Our core offers are the Matura exam in one year and a part-time Matura that people can do alongside their jobs. Condensing and conveying the material in such a short time frame can only be done through appropriate teaching methods and the effective use of digital technology. Our online learning programmes involve a combination of live sessions, video streaming, podcasts and e-learning. We began working on a virtual classroom back in 2016. Our aim was to launch Switzerland’s first online high school for the Matura exam in August 2020, but we brought it forward when schools were closed due to the coronavirus. As a school, we have always understood the importance of exploiting all the technical and didactic possibilities. Right from the start, our focus has been on combining classroom and online teaching. That’s why we still have classrooms at our school on Paradeplatz.